Understanding the Times-High School Senior Worldview Class

Do you know statistics show that a high percentage of students walk away from their Christian faith in college? Christians need to understand that the truth of God’s word applies to all of life. They need to be able to discern truth from error, whether sitting in a university classroom or watching the evening news. We need to protect Christian youth from deception by anti-Christian worldviews. We need to train up Christian leaders who can actively champion the truth of Christianity in a culture of relativism, paganism, hedonism and confusion.

This fall in Orange County, CA, I will begin teaching a two-semester High School worldview and apologetics class, Understanding the Times, a Summit Ministries curriculum endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, the late Dr. James Kennedy, Josh McDowell, Norman Geisler, and Chuck Colson. This curriculum helps students clearly understand the tenets of the Christian worldview and how they compare and contrast with other leading worldviews of today: Islam, Postmodernism, Secular Humanism, Marxism, and New Age. In a time when more than half of all Christians lose their faith in college, no other curriculum so effectively prepares students to defend the Christian worldview against all its competitors. Students also consider a number of other relevant topics, including abortion, euthanasia, philosophy, radical feminism, biotechnology, the arts, law, cults, the problem of evil, religious pluralism, homosexuality, scriptural reliability, and more.

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and basic principles of the world rather than on Christ.” — Colossians 2:8