Receive Christ

(An excerpt from Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog today) 

Have you given your life wholly and completely to Jesus Christ? Have you asked Him to forgive you of all your sins, to give you eternal life, and to fill you with His joy, His peace, and His wisdom and strength through the power of His Holy Spirit? If not, let this be the day you receive Christ into your heart by faith. 

This is a great concise explanation of the Gospel! Click here.

Please read it. Please pray the suggested prayer at the end with a sincere, humble and repentant heart. And please post a comment below or go to our website and contact us to tell us that you’ve become a follower of Christ. Let us rejoice with you and encourage you and give  you suggestions on how to grow in your new faith, and how to share your faith with others. You could start by sharing this message with others.