Great News regarding West Africa!

Good news--In a certain country in West Africa in 2013 fewer Christians were martyred than were killed in 2012, the toll reduced from 800 to 600. Better news, in response to persecution at the hands of a radical Muslim group, Christian lawyers in the epicenter of violence against Christians, have determined to create a mediation center to employ biblical principles of peacemaking in order to bring reconciliation, alleviate the violence, and present the love of Jesus as the answer to hate and revenge. Great news--an estimated 125 Christian attorneys will be spending a week this month learning the basics of biblical peacemaking and conflict resolution. The fantastic news is that Laurie will be doing the teaching!

Later this month, Laurie and I return to West Africa where I will be teaching around 15 key Christian leaders and evangelists while across town Laurie will be training the lawyers. We are excited about our return to Africa, and now with a further opportunity to introduce  Ratio Christi to West Africa (Ratio Christi, "Reason of Christ" in Latin, is a campus apologetic alliance that has called me to be the International Director). Secularism is growing in Africa, and the prospect of having trained apologists (defenders of the faith) on each university to counteract secularism and atheism is exciting.

Thanks in advance for your prayers, and we look forward to bringing you a special report when we return to let you know how the Lord used Laurie and me through Rolling Stone Ministries to make a huge impact in one of the most heavily persecuted countries in the world, but a country that is ripe for the Prince of Peace to change the hearts and minds of the nation.