Ratio Christi Goes International! Conference in the Philippines

My Ratio Christi team and I are excited to be leaving next week for the Philippines for the very first Ratio Christi International Apologetics Conference. Read more about it on the Ratio Christi International Blog.

If you would like to support our Ratio Christi team, here is what you can do:

(1) Pray. for effectiveness, safety and progress in laying a foundation for the establishment of Ratio Christi clubs at universities throughout the Philippines.

(2) Sponsor. Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to continue to respond to the invitations we have to travel to the Philippines and other parts of the world to proclaim and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please consider becoming a regular monthly supporter through the RSM website. Make checks payable to Rolling Stone Ministries and mail to P.O. Box 186, Panora, IA 50216.

(3) Encourage. You can follow John's blogs and travel schedule at www.rollingstoneministries.org.