Opportunities for a Fall Harvest

Here in Iowa, the harvest begins in about a month. October is typically the month when the corn and beans take precedence over most everything else. As the weather gets cold, it is a spectacle to see the farmers working late into the night to get their crops out of the field.

The fall harvest is perhaps a good analogy of what Laurie and I are tying to do through Rolling Stone Ministries. We endeavor to sow seeds of truth in the minds of young and old alike, especially Christian leaders and future Christian leaders, in order to reap a harvest of trained believers who can boldly proclaim and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In October we will both be speakers at the National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by the Ratio Christi symposium and student retreat in Fort Mill, South Carolina. These annual events provide a chance to teach and train budding defenders of the faith (“apologists”) and mingle with some of the best speakers and scholars in America.

Just a couple of days after we return from Charlotte, I am off to Kenya and Uganda. I will be speaking at universities, high schools and churches, addressing students, faculty, church leaders and lay people. I will also have a two-hour radio live radio interview. This will be my first trip to Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria (the headwaters of the Nile River), and my first trip to Uganda.

In the next week or two we will provide further details, but we ask your prayers as plans are finalized, flights are booked, and flyers promoting the speaking engagements are distributed. We are amazed at the open doors of opportunity, and we are believing for a chance to sow the seed of truth, so that there will be a harvest of believes equipped to live and proclaim the Gospel.