An E-mail from a Friend

I recently returned from my teaching trip to Kenya and Uganda. As I am recovering from jet lag, I wanted to share with you a recent email from our dear friend in Uganda who set up a radio interview for me and all my teaching opportunities in Uganda. 

Dr. Stewart,

Please forgive me for delaying to communicate with you since the end of your visit to Uganda. So many disruptions but you have been in our minds and my our prayers.

Your ministry was very impactive and a blessing to us! All the people were amazed at your great knowledge yet you are able to present simply and humbly! If you remember my adopted son Moses, he commented, "am surprised I could understand your professor! I thought his material would be too hard for me". Moses completed High School last year. You simplified your teaching so nicely that even the illiterate people in the villages understood and were blessed!

Dr. Stewart, am blessed to have met you. I loved your class, I love your ministry and godly life style. You have since become my mentor. Am proud of you as a Christian intellectual that is sold out to God. You are even willing to go to my audience in the villages and we were so blessed to have lunch with you in Makanga! The Lord will surely bless you, for you are like Him, reaching the poor and teaching the truth of His Kingdom.

My wife Esther was so blessed to host you in our humble home. Your visit really blessed us as a family. May be we will get time to go fishing next time you are in Uganda. We are praying that you come back next year. This time you will speak to bigger audiences and meet many people. Please extend my sincere appreciation to the donors.

Extend our love in Christ to Laurie and your daughters.

Your fellow servant of Christ,

Arthur Magezi.

Rev. Arthur Magezi, President, Christ Transformation Ministries