Intelligent Faith Conferences

Last year I had the privilege of helping organize the first Intelligent Faith Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (about three hours from where I live). The event was such a success that now it is an annual event. Those attending last year’s Conference from nearby Quad Cities (along the Illinois-Iowa border) were so impressed with the Conference that they have set up their own Intelligent Faith Conference this year.

As a way to promote the conferences, each location held luncheons for pastors and church leaders in January, and I was honored to speak at these events (Cedar Rapids on January 15 and Quad Cities/Bettendorf, Iowa on January 22). The turnout in Cedar Rapids was about the largest they’ve had at their monthly luncheons (about 130 pastors and church leaders).

Both of these events were precursors to the Intelligent Faith Conferences coming up— March in Quad Cities and April in Cedar Rapids. In March I will be one of the keynote speakers, along with cold case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace, a former atheist who became a Christian after applying cold case techniques to the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection in the Gospels.  Wallace has a best-selling book, Cold Case Christianity, which highlights what he discovered. In April in Cedar Rapids the keynote speakers include Jim Wallace, Dr. Gary Habermas, author of 45 books and one of the world’s leading experts on the resurrection of Jesus, and myself.