Apologetics --Not Just for Men!

Apologetics...for Women?! Yes, and we didn't need an "Equal Rights Amendment" to accomplish this feat.

In October I had the marvelous opportunity to speak at the Women's Pre-Conference to the National Conference on Christian Apologetics on the topic of "Women, Human Rights, and Christianity." Many brilliant women showed up to speak, learn, and, yes, have fellowship.

Christian apologetics is NOT about arguing. It is simply giving answers to questions, explaining the hope that you have found in your faith. Christianity is an intelligent faith. Our faith is not a fairy tale.

Do you have questions about your faith in Jesus? Do you wonder if Christianity is true? Do you have questions about the reliability of the Bible? Do you wonder if what you are learning in your college textbooks is true? Do you fear standing up to your proselytizing atheist professor? Do you find yourself stuck in a moral dilemma? Do you wonder if the church should embrace same sex marriage? Do you think Christianity clashes with science? Do you believe Christianity oppresses women? Do you wonder why God would allow so much evil, pain and suffering? Do you sometimes just feel like giving up on life altogether?

If you have questions like these, then I urge you to seek the answers. There are answers. I don't pretend to have them all. But I do know the smartest man who ever lived does hold all the answers. Come, let's reason together and seek Jesus-- with our hearts and minds.