Important Trends in 2018: Women in Apologetics

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Dr. Sean McDowell, my professor in the M.A. Christian Apologetics program at Biola University, recently interviewed good friend and fellow female apologist Marilyn Tyner about the growing number of women interested in apologetics. He says:

"In 2018, I am planning to use my blog to highlight some important trends in the wider culture and specifically in the world of apologetics. One important trend, that I thought would be important to start the year with, is the explosion of interest in apologetics among women. Marilyn Tyner is on the front lines of this movement. She recently answered some of my questions about this new trend, the upcoming 'Women in Apologetics' conference at Biola, and her personal ministry. Enjoy!"

Read the entire article here! 

Join the movement of Women in Apologetics! It is a species of evangelism and discipleship!